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What Is MASSIVE Ultimate Page Builder?
Are You Ready to Start Making Some Life Changing, Passive Income?
Using mass page websites to drive relevant, targeted traffic and leads is still alive and working well today (2021). Things have changed though, and MASSIVE was created to make sure our pages A) still get indexed, B) rank and stay indexed to continue delivering traffic for years and years, and C) make the entire process as easy as possible to scale.

I created MASSIVE because the old mass page tools I used to use were no longer working, yet it was apparent that people were still ranking these types of sites. I could see them all over the search results for the keywords I was used to ranking in.

But how are they having success and I wasn't?

I did a TON of research and testing and found out that using smaller sites, focused on a specific region (think metro area or city), seemed to work a lot better than creating mega sites with thousands or tens of thousands of pages on them.

I also learned that using .html websites/pages instead of WordPress would be far less resource intensive, the pages would load faster, and I could create these .html sites on Amazon s3 buckets as well!

This means I no longer had to worry about Google web crawlers obliterating my server RAM, or huge websites taking up more space than they need to, and I could rank websites and s3 buckets and stack everything to give us even more ranking power!

Most importantly, MASSIVE makes everything easy and scalable so you can create as many sites wherever you want and whenever you want with just a few clicks.

And when the traffic starts coming in, you can REDIRECT that traffic to any page you want.

MASSIVE's pages were created to rank, not convert. I created a slick little JavaScript cloak that will give you the ability to literally redirect that traffic wherever you want.

That way you can focus on creating a page that converts your traffic into clicks, calls, form lead fills, or whatever your end goal is, without having to worry about SEO at all!

If you use this tool and incorporate it into your IM arsenal, it's going to be a real game changer for you, and it's going to help you start making some real life changing money. I can guarantee it.

The results I've been getting has far exceeded my expectations and has really surprised me at just how well these pages rank and produce. Even years after creation!

So I am excited to finally open this up to the public and start to let a few others see just how powerful MASSIVE is. And at only $97/monthly, it's a real no brainer to give this a shot yourself.

Included with your $97 monthly membership you'll get access to the all of the training videos, with a look at my exact strategies on how I'm using the tool to create a MASSIVE (pun intended) amount of Amazon affiliate sales, calls for my local clients, and other PPL type networks.

Need proof it's working?


Does MASSIVE Work On Apple Computers?
No. It only works on Windows platforms. If you have an Apple computer, you can rent a Windows VPS and access the computer remotely.
What Are the Requirements to Run the MASSIVE Software.
MASSIVE needs a Windows platform with .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.5+ to operate. We suggest renting a VPS with at least 8 GB of RAM and make sure the VPS has a USA IP because it will be scraping information from
How Do I Contact You If I Have Questions?
Send us an email at if you have questions, comments or concerns.
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