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What Is MASSIVE Ultimate Page Builder?
Fully Written & Fully Optimized Websites Built to Convert!
Building out a local lead gen website is a tedious, time consuming, and costly task. There are so many things to consider, like;
 * Planning out the content and finding a good writer who also understands SEO.
 * Finding images and optimizing those images.
 * Choosing a theme that looks good and also converts traffic into leads via form fill and/or phone calls.
 * Making sure to build pages around each service you offer, each location you want to cover, and adding in local relevance as well.
 * Adding in proper schema.
 * And on and on...

With the very new and improved, updated MASSIVE v2.0, all of the above is 100% automated.

Most of my daily efforts for WebMagic SEO are centered around how to bring in more leads for my clients. And I built MASSIVE to really make the scaling of these efforts as easy as possible for my team and I.

With MASSIVE, I know I can have a legit looking, high converting website built out, fully loaded with human readable, unique and factual content, SEO structured perfectly, with just a few clicks of a button.

So with any client we get in any niche and in any location (USA), we use MASSIVE to hammer out an army of these lead pumping websites. It really makes things easy for us right out of the gate, as these sites are the catalyst to all of our lead gen efforts moving forward.

If you are involved with local SEO at all and need leads for your clients, MASSIVE is an absolute must have tool that will really help optimize, maximize, and scale your lead generating to the next level.

I am so confident of this tool and it's abilities, I offer you a 30 day full-money back guarantee. If for some reason you use MASSIVE and are not impressed and do not make return on your investment, I will gladly refund your money.

But please do try this out, and get in on this before I shut this down to the public. (Only 50 licenses are being issued at this time!)

You can download MASSIVE and access full video training and walk-throughs inside your members area.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This tool uses Article Forge and WordAI API's and requires you to have your own API's from both. (More info in training.)


Does MASSIVE Work On Apple Computers?
No. It only works on Windows platforms. If you have an Apple computer, you can rent a Windows VPS and access the computer remotely.
What Are the Requirements to Run the MASSIVE Software.
MASSIVE needs a Windows platform with .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.5+ to operate. We suggest renting a VPS with at least 8 GB of RAM.
You will also need your own Article Forge and WordAI API's, which means you will have to pay for these services separately. Article Forge membership runs around $57 monthly, and WordAI is around $27 monthly.
What Locations Does MASSIVE Work For?
MASSIVE currently only works for the top 300 most populated metro areas in the United States. It does not work in any other country besides the US right now.
How Do I Contact You If I Have Questions?
Send us an email at support@webmagicseo.com if you have questions, comments or concerns.
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